Our Team

Danny Wicks

Owner - Licensed Plumber & Gasfitter

The fearless leader. Over 20 years experience in the plumbing and gasfitting industry.

Deanne Wicks

Owner - Office Manager

The better half of DND. I bet she could show the boys a thing or two!

Dean Blanton

Site Supervisor (2IC)

Deano's not afraid to get dirty. He is in the right job. ;)

Luke Carlyon

Trade Qualified Plumber & Gasfitter

What a gentle giant, until he is banging on the drums.

Jakob Martin

Trade Qualified Plumber

Luke Jones

Plumbing Apprentice

The youngest of us all. A man of few words. A future plumber extraordinaire.

Jilena Grant

Plumbing Apprentice

Nick Hanrahan

Subcontractor - Plumber and Excavator Operator

Simon Strath

Subcontractor - Trade Qualified Plumber and Gasfitter